It’s been a while since I’ve written. I left Montana and have been visiting family in Arizona for a month or so before my last year of law school begins. I had a computer meltdown and lost a large amount of data I had collected for a post that performed a quantitative analysis of beer commercial content, which I will eventually re-research. I’m back to blogging, although it’s likely that my output on literary topics will decline since I’m back to school in a couple weeks. Expect posts on energy law topics, board games, and weird shit that law kids do.

I spent my summer working for the State of Montana. Since I don’t know anyone in Montana, I had a lot of free time that I used, in part, to get through quite a large bit of reading I’d been meaning to do. Here’s the list of books I’ve finished this summer:

This is a copy/pasted version of the list I keep on my phone. I’ve recently begun using a rudimentary rating system just to help recall my initial impressions as I read and to compare against if and when I choose to write about any particular work. As you can probably glean from that list, I took the summer to explore a lot of older fantasy novels and short stories in the ‘weird tales’ vein. I found it very rewarding

A Voyage to Arcturus - YouTube

A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay - Goodreads

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